Trip 8 Days to Georgia

Trip 8 Days to Georgia

15 Jul 06:00 - 22 Jul 22:00 - Dora
We Are Hikers


Tbilisi, Georgia - Stepantsminda, Georgia - Batumi, Georgia - Kobuleti, Georgia: Hiking, Swimming, 4x4 Adventure, Tourism and much more by #WeAreHikers

- From 15th of July till 22nd of July (8 days, 7 nights)
- Places are limited to 17 maximum
- Full package (Ticket, Insurance, Transportation, 3 star Hotels, 1 day camping, boating, 4x4 adventurous day, entrance fees, breakfast, lunch, dinner and no VISA ticket needed)
- Registration 25% payment for 1785$ until 17th of March 2018
- 75% left can be paid monthly until 5th of July.

We are more than sure that this will be one of the best trips of your life, as we will see a lot of amazing things. We will try all the possible traditional dishes of Georgia, will hike high mountains, will get frozen on the bottom of the glaciers, will have a boating trip, will take a bath under waterfalls, will relax on the lake-shores of the Black Sea, will walk in old and dark forests, will get lost in narrow canyons and will be amazed by majestically high mountains snowy peaks.


The Program:
Day 1. Meeting in Tbilisi airport. Transportation to Tbilisi.
City tour in Tbilisi. Visiting Dzveli Ubani, Narikala fortress, Peace bridge, Mother Georgia and many other interesting places. (Spend night in Tiflis 3 stars Hotel including Breakfast and Dinner)

Day 2. Tbilisi – Birtvisi canyon - Tbilisi
Full day hiking in Birtvisi canyon with easy climbing and canyoning. Today we will hike to the top of the rocks with beautiful views and will walk down with a narrow path to the bottom of labyrinth like canyon. We will spend the whole day exploring the canyon, swimming in the river and enjoying the nature. During the day we will do passages on the rocks, will visit small fortresses and churches.
In the end of the day we will be back to Tbilisi to enjoy the nights of the capital and will have another cool walk there. (Spend night in Tiflis 3 stars Hotel including Breakfast and Dinner)

Day 3. Tbilisi – Ananuri lake, Ananuri fortress and church – Georgian old military road – View point to Caucasus mountain range – Stepantsminda.
Today we will drive through the heart of Georgia and the terrain will change for many times. First we will see fields and then will see green and not high mountains with fortresses on the top. The first stop will be majestic Ananuri lake and the fortress near the lake. Here we will feel the real spirit of medieval Georgia and will listen to the stories of the place. In the end of the day we will be in scary high mountains. Here we will have a magical view from an old soviet time monument. Our overnight will be in Stepantsminda village which is always crowded by thousands of crazy hikers who want to explore the crazy and beautiful summits of Caucasus mountain range. You will really like the atmosphere of the place. (Spend night at Nino’s amazing guesthouse including Breakfast and Dinner)

Day 4. Stepantsminda, 4X4 driving to Gergeti church. Hiking to the Gergeti Glacier and back to Gergeti church. Overnight with tents near on the top of the canyon.
Early in the morning, after breakfast we will jump into a full adventure. The offroad vehicle will take us from 1750m to 2166 meters from the level of the sea. Here we will have a short excursion in Gergeti church (Holy Trinity Church) built in 14th century. Believe me that you will never forget the mystic view of the church with mountains. Many people say that this is one of the most beautiful places on the earth.

Today we have a long but super hike to do. We will walk from church to the famous passage with cross. It is just a 7-8 kms hike, but we will start from 2166 and will walk up to 2926 and back. From the top we will have a cool view to the princess of Caucasus mountain which is called Kazbegi(5047m) and will see Gergeti glacier. It will take the rest of the day. In the end of the day we will put tents with an amazing view to the mountains. Believe me that it will be one of the most memorable nights of your life as we will be higher than the clouds are and the stars will shine to us with billions of lights. (Spend night camping in tents at the top)

Day 5. Hiking down to Stepantsminda – Ubisa monastery – Boat trip and hike in Martvili canyon.
Today we have a long road to do. It will take 4-5 hours of driving. But we will find ourselves in a completely different world and nature. On the way we will stop in a small and cozy monastery: Ubisa, which is built in 9th century (1000 years ago).

In the end of the day we will be in Martvili canyon, where really magical nature and a super boat-trip is waiting for us. We will enjoy boating, swimming and sound of the river trapped in a deep canyon. Overnight will be in nearby Balda village. (Spend 1 night at Bagrati 3 stars Hotel including Breakfast and Dinner)

Day 6. Balda – Hiking in Balda canyon – Batumi city
Early in the morning we will start hiking in Balda canyon. It is one of the hidden treasure of Georgia. We will walk in a nice canyon, will see crystal clean river and beautiful waterfalls. After that we will walk back to the car and will have 2-3 hours drive to Batumi: crazy cool city of Georgia. It is an amazing place on the shore of Black Sea. Here we will be in the city center, will have a walk in botanical garden. In the end of the day we will enjoy the singing fountains show and will drive back to cozy town Kobuleti for overnight. (Spend 2 nights at Sanapiro 3 stars Hotel including Breakfast and Dinner)

Day 7. Kobuleti – Hike in Mtirala National Park – Kobuleti
Today we will spend the whole day hiking in Mtirala National Parks deep, green and dark forests, will enjoy, explore and admire the unbelievable wonders of that place. In the end of the day we will be back to the same place in Kobuleti for overnight.

(Spend 2 nights at Sanapiro 3 stars Hotel including Breakfast and Dinner)

Day 8. Kobuleti – Zoo Delphinarium and Batumi Botanical Park
last Lunch in between hiking at Batumi Botanical Park and Dolphins Zoo Delphiarium; and then we leave to Batumi airport at 6:00pm to fly heading to Beirut at night.
(Spend last night at Sanapiro 3 stars Hotel including Breakfast)

- Cancellation before 25th of February 2018: 25% of the total amount won’t be refundable
- Cancellation after 1st of May: 100% of the total amount won’t be refundable.

- Passport valid for at least for 3 months
- Comfortable clothes and shoes for hiking
- Warm clothes as we will reach places where temperature might be zero centigrade.
- Towels needed after swimming, hat/cap, sunscreen, sunglasses, and personal stuff.

- Cost per person with accommodation in double room – 3-stars Hotels and all rest of complete package is: 1785$
- Single room supplement: +160$ / person for the whole stay.

The trip limited to 7 people left that costs 1785$ that includes:
- Airline ticket with Turkish Airline; Beirut – Istanbul – Tbilisi on 15th morning then Batumi – Istanbul – Beirut on 22nd of July night.
- Mini-Pullman that takes care of our full transportation all 8 days.
- All entry fees to reserves, 4x4 trips, boat trips, swimming and hiking English talking guides.
- 1 Day camping (providing us tents, night lights, ropes, sleeping bag, etc..).
- 1 Day in Nino’s amazing guesthouse accommodation.
- Rest of nights in 3 stars hotels accommodations (Tiflis Hotel, Bagrati Hotel, Sanapiro Hotel).
- Breakfast, Dinners and Lunch packages are in hotels/restaurants or hiking packages depending on what our day travel includes.

For confirmation or any additional information needed please call us on: 03.582084

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