Breathing for Well-Being

Breathing for Well-Being

15 Apr 10:00 - 17:00 - Beirut


This breathing workshop will help you remove the blocks that are blocking you from your dreams.
We will be using the Rebirthing Breathwork technique along with sacred geometry, fire, water and earth elements to cleanse, clear and boost our collective intention and consciousness.
Our talk will be guided by our common guides. We will be sharing our stories from what is happening in our lives at the time of the workshop.

When: Sunday , April 15 2018
Where: Soul Spa Verdun
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Investment: 66,000 LL

In this workshop you will:

. Let go of what is not serving your highest best anymore
. Remove your blockages
. Reprogram your subconscious mind with a positive affirmation
. Clean, clear, activate and align your chakras
. Boost your self-esteem and self-love
. Receive energetic downloads and transferences

Reserving your spot with Randa on 03 843749 is a MUST!

What to bring:
. Your cushion/pillow, cover... anything that you need to feel comfortable. Yoga mats are available
. Some food to share
. A bottle of drinking water
. Your favorite crystal
. A non scented candle
. If you have coloring pencils and felt tip pens

About Rebirthing Breathwork:

Rebirthing Breathwork is a conscious circular breathing technique that enables you to become aware of and release the unconscious mental, emotional and physical patterns and issues that shut the channels of your aliveness, limit the quality of your relationships, career, creativity, self-love, and the natural full expression of your soul!
This technique resolves our pre and perinatal traumas and is a powerful tool to journey into oneself and unlock cellular memory, original imprinting and stored negative emotions and by doing so, healing our inner child.

About Joumana: Holder of a license degree in Psychology, Joumana is a Master Rebirth Breathworker, an Aura and Space Cleanser, Blockages and Phobias Removal, Unicorn Healing™ and Access Bars® Practitioner, and just love to play with Oracle Cards, numbers, crystals and sacred geometry. She has been highly intuitive since her early childhood connecting with her angels and guides of light through her psychic skills and clairvoyance. She dedicated her life for serving humanity and whoever is ready to awake by helping them and Gaia ascend faster. She is a motivational speaker and have been inspiring people with her workshops in Lebanon since 2013. She believes that magic is our birth right.
To know more about her, follow her page:

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