Theta Healing - Basic DNA

Theta Healing - Basic DNA

03 Aug 09:00 - 05 Aug 17:00 - Beirut
House of WellBeing LB


This is the introductory 3-day seminar that will transform your life forever and will certify you to become a Thetahealing® practitioner! Learn all about your infinite potential, and how you can create the life you’ve always wanted. Understand the power of your thoughts by clearing negative beliefs from your subconscious mind! Learn all the tools needed to create infinite possibilities in your life!

What will you learn in the 3-day Thetahealing Basic DNA Seminar:

-How Thetahealing came to life
-Power of words and thoughts
-Brain Waves
-Psychic Senses and Chakras

-Free Agency, Co-creation
-Power of Observation
-7th Plane Guided Meditation
-Healing through the Creator
-Group Healing
-Belief Work and the Four Levels of Beliefs
-Muscle Testing
-How to change negative beliefs
-How to Perform a Thetahealing session
-The 7 Planes of Existence
-How to call for your Soulmate
-Soul fragments
-Manifestation and Future Reading
-DNA Activation
-Repairing the physical gene
-Changing genetic programs for aging
And much much more!!

-Fri 3, Sat 4,Sun 5, Aug 2018
Friday- Saturday-Sunday 9:00 am-5:00 pm

REGISTRATION FEE (non-refundable ):
-$200 (Deductible from the course fee)

- $ 550 (This total includes the registration fee)

-A ThetaHealing® Manual and a Basic ThetaHealing® Book by Vianna Stibal.
-Official Practitioner Certificate from ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge, USA
-2 coffee breaks
the course will be given by : Sandra Khoury Daoud
Master Thetahealing Instructor
House of Wellbeing
For Registration:
Mobile: 03 549529
or House of Wellbeing by Facebook page
Mobile: 71 290072

Love and Light!

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